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ProGUIDE Project Results

Hello to all of you who are reading this web page!

The ProGUIDE Project has closed its books and summed up all its activities and results in the final report. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in our activities and who has been working with us during the project scripting, training, marketing, providing feedback etc.
It has been a pleasure to meet and cooperate with all of you. We are very proud and happy about our results described below. We see that ProGUIDE has had and will have a very positive impact on the target groups, which we intended to serve. So don’t hesitate to contact us if some of our results interest you or if you would like to start a new cooperation.

We have now several hundred users of the solutions developed by the ProGUIDE team in nine different countries, as the result of the project. The partnership will continuously work on spreading the information about the project results and increasing the number of active users. The solutions developed by the ProGUIDE are:
- scripts for Sadie 5 and 6
used with Jaws and Papenmeier’s Braillex EL displays;
(*Sadie is one of the world’s leading audio recording and editing systems)
- scripts for the suites of Sound Forge 9&10 programmes used with Jaws;
- score reading solutions for low-vision musicians as well as
- managing and editing scripts for synthesizers used with Yamaha Motif XS. Apart from the tangible results the ProGuide partners have done an enormous job to influence the situation for the visually impaired on the labour market in a positive way.

Here are some examples of the users who are using project solutions. These are sound engineers and musicians who are currently working at the Swedish Radio, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Radio France, Svefi Academy in Haparanda, Sweden, Studio Crescendo in Genk, Belgium, Keskuspuisto / Arla Unit, Finland, National Association of the Visually Impaired in Sweden, different audio magazines and audio books producers in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Norway and USA, as well as large number of individual visually impaired sound engineers and musicians in different countries.

We also would like to take the opportunity to thank the Program Office and its staff for excellent support. You have helped and instructed us in a very good and informative way. It has helped us significantly in our role as coordinator.

Stig Hedlund, Alexei Usov, Svefi Academy.

JAWS Adaptation for SADiE5 Installed at Radio France

Driss HALIM (right) with trainer, Régis NICOLAS, using SADiE
Driss HALIM (right) with trainer, Régis NICOLAS, using SADiE
Driss HALIM, a blind sound technician currently being trained at Radio France, uses the JAWS adaptation for SADiE5. This is the first time he has access to high-end sound editing.

19 year old Driss HALIM is sound technician. He recently got his diploma, but as he is totally blind, so far had no access to the digital audio editing tools that are used at a radio station.

With the help of the JAWS adaptation developed within the European Research project ProGUIDE installed in September 2010, he is now working with SADiE5, a high-end digital audio recording and editing software used at the world-renowned French national radio.

With the help of the BRAILLEX EL 80s Braille display from Papenmeier and a speech synthesizer, Driss can now fully control the software to edit radio play recordings.

Driss currently follows a training course at Radio France. We wish him all the best for a successful career as a sound technician.


Hans Ring showing SADiE adaptation at Autonomic Paris 2010
Hans Ring showing SADiE adaptation at Autonomic Paris 2010
The ProGUIDE team was represented by Papenmeier at this biggest show for technical aids for the disabled in the French speaking world, at the Paris fair ground. More than 20 personal demonstrations of the SADiE adaptations could be made, especially to professionals.

Those who had had the opportunity to see early versions of the script were amazed by the progress that had been made and the completeness and the quality of the script as it could be seen now.
Several explicit inquiries might lead to a number of new job opportunities for blind people, especially at Radio France.

The SoundForge script also generated a lot of interest, amongst blind musicians and people who do music recordings on a hobby level.

An exciting year 2010 with the ProGUIDE team

There will be a lot of exciting new things to work with during 2010, for us at the ProGUIDE team. We look forward to cooperating with all possible partners. There will be a lot of new technology to look forward to.

Sadie 6 is a very interesting groundbreaking step. A piece of software, which makes it possible to package it in a lot of different variations. You can also run it with a regular native Acio 2-based driver. It means that you can use it with high-tech cards, which support this driver format.

The ProGUIDE team has developed a bunch of new and fresh scripts for the Sound Forge 9/10 applications. You can read about the scripts here.

The ProGUIDE team will show up at a number of well-known and attended shows and events.

First we have a conference in Stockholm on 20th and 21st of February. Sight City in Frankfurt and Sight Village in Birmingham are two other arrangements where we will appear, as well as the ID Days in Stockholm.

We look forward to seeing you in 2010.

The ProGUIDE 2 team.


The Proguide team was represented by the Svefi Academy, Polarprint, Papenmeier, and Studio Crescendo. During the three busy days we could make a lot of personal demos for interested people from Europe, Asia and the US. We met a lot of individual professionals in the audio field who showed their interest for both Sadie and SoundForge. We have also seen a large number of representatives from authorities from 20 countries. A lot of good talks and demos, which will lead to new use of our results was the main results of the show. Some good discussions with some authorities will also lead to new possible development projects. Site city in general looked like even the companies in this branch have suffered a lot from the recession in the world. A large number of the companies seem to have exciting ideas which they are working on. So we look forward to site city 2011. For sure there will be possible to see a lot of new and nice products that year.


During the years of development together in the ProGuide team we have developed a lot of good ways of teaching users in the use of Sadie, SoundForge and sound engineering in general. We are now ready to share this and also offer it as a sales service to others who need it. So if you have a need of having a proper education with all the technical aids installed and adopted don’t hesitate to contact us in the team. The contact details can be found here on the web site.


For the first time we made a big announcement of the SoundForge scripts, produced by the ProGuide team. We had a very great interest for them. A lot of already existing users were very impressed by the functionality of the scripts. If we look at the possibilities which it gives the user, it is something which has never been done before with that program application. Sound level meters and track presentations are parameters, which are completely new for the users. The scripts can be installed for both version 9 as well as version 10 PRO. The version 10 Pro gives you a new, interesting and very effective way of making CDs in one burning session. It makes a significant change to the production capacity with the help of this program. So our conclusion is that Sight City regarding the SoundForge scripts was a fantastic success for us. Our demo materials where totally gone after these three days. So we expect a large community of users after a while. The first installations have already been delivered.


During the site city we had the pleasure to show the latest version of the Sadie scripts. It has in some cases been a very tedious process, to create the very complex interface to be useable in a continuous workflow. Recently we have improved the play list window to be very accessible and fast for various work situations. It means that we have totally redesigned it, to be more intuitive and fast. It has now 5 different modes, which correspond to the way you are working with the interface. With the help of this structure we have been able to speed up the workflow dramatically. It means that now you can easily focus on very complex structures in the projects. You can for instance see all the different clips on the individual tracks and directly with the help of the upper routing key on the display see the details of each clip. That means in practice that you have a chance to orientate yourself in complex projects in a totally new way. The new structure corresponds very naturally to the logical workflow, in the various types of projects.
During the three days of Sight City we could talk about new possible work possibilities for visually impaired in different countries. These talks will later this year lead to new concrete workplaces. We will come back to these announcements later on this web page.

A summary of The Boltenhagen Days for Acoustical Media

An overview of the lecture room
An overview of the lecture room
The Boltenhagen Days for Acoustical Media have taken place for the eleventh time from October 30th to November 3rd, 2009. Initiated and organized by Dr. Jürgen Trinkus, a scientific documentalist now working at the NDR (North German Broadcast), the Media days have brought together a group of about 30 blind and visually impaired media professionals of all kinds, mostly from Germany. The venue took place in Boltenhagen, a small town right on the beach of the Baltic Sea. The program of the Media Days included all aspects of the job situation of blind media professionals – political, technical, and artistic.

The ProGUIDE project has had a first presentation at the Media Days last year and was received with very big interest. This year we went back with a twofold scope:

• We showed the technical improvements realised during the past year and gave the participants a comprehensive hands-on presentation of the possibilities of our SADiE adaptation. For this purpose, besides a general presentation plenary session, participated in a workshop following the actual Media Days, where some of the participants took the time to have a close look at different technical solutions, amongst which the SADiE5 and the Sound Forge Braille adaptations created within the ProGUIDE project. People were quite impressed to see our intuitive and easy to learn approach; some comments especially concerning features of the Sound Forge solution lead to program enhancements even during the Media Days.

• We also had a very interesting meeting with the responsible persons of the Frankfurt Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a major German actor in the field of social rehabilitation and vocational training. We discussed the possibility of enhancing the (existing) professional training for blind documentalists by a sound technician training in order to enable the students to get a job in the field of the digitalization and archiving of analogue sound material of the German radio archives.

Furthermore, as most of the project participants were present at Boltenhagen, we profited from the situation to have a project meeting where we discussed future developments and action plans.

General Information about The ProGUIDE 2 Project

The ProGUIDE 2 as well as its predecessor project ProGUIDE is aimed at improving the possibilities for visually impaired people, especially in education, lifelong learning and working life. There are three key professions for the visually impaired this project is to target - sound engineers, musicians and producers.
Our experience and knowledge acquired from developing new and innovative techniques in building complex Braille and speech oriented interfaces within the previous ProGUIDE project, will be transferred into new and concrete solutions and products to help the target groups to combat difficulties presented by inaccessible digital technology.
- 2 adapted general solutions for editing and processing sound in a professional environment,
- 2 adapted editors for processing and editing sounds in keyboards, synthesizers, and effect devices
- A hard and software package for making scores available for easy reading for visually impaired musicians.
With the help of the ProGUIDE 2 project we will be able to combine technical ideas with knowledge and experience of how to establish a greater number of steady jobs for the target group visually impaired in these key professions all over the EU.
Our opinion is that a great number of good examples of successful solutions for visually impaired can break the barriers and change negative attitudes. We strongly believe that this process is the basis for a significant number of visually impaired people to be able to participate in the working life.

First Partner Meeting within ProGUIDE 2 project, 17-19 December

United development of some key professions for visually impaired or simply ProGUIDE 2 was oficially launched in December 2008 at the first partner meeting held in Haparanda (Sweden) 17-19 December 2008. The group will take a interdisciplinary handling of the questions, which will lead to better possibilities for the visually impaired end users. The goals for the project can be defined as:
transferring earlier received technical experiences into several concrete products. 2 adapted general solutions for editing and processing sound in a professional environment, 2 adapted editors for processing and editing sounds in keyboards, synthesizers, and effect devices. A hard and software package for making scores available for easy reading for visually impaired musicians. Then controllable in a new way, with a alternative innovative interface.
Our experiences from developing new and innovative techniques for building complex Braille and speech oriented interfaces in the previous project ProGUIDE, will be used and transferred in to new and concrete solutions. Brochures and presentation material, for various types of presentations for different audiences. 8 workshops for covering different aspects and impacts of the professions. Further development of the Internet based forum and services at the ProGUIDE web page, will be continued with new functions and facilities.

Exciting Conference in Boltenhagen (Germany)

Workshop where the ProGuide team show the Sadie system
Workshop where the ProGuide team show the Sadie system
The ProGUIDE team was represented in Boltenhagen at the conference between 30 October – 2 November. The conference had over 30 participants from Germany and Austria. Sound engineers, journalists, producers and other who were interested in modern technology, journalism and sound production in general had some informative days in Boltenhagen.

The ProGUIDE team had a presentation of the previous ProGUIDE project and what is going on with the ProGUIDE 2 project. We had also a workshop where we presented our work especially the Sadie scripts. During the workshops we could show that the visually impaired sound engineers, musicians, producers and journalists will have a very efficient tool to work with. We had good coments, exciting discussions and a lot of exciting ideas to think of as a result of the workshop. We are very pleased with the result and would also like to take the opportunity to thank for the invitation for the conference. We would like to stay in touch with this interesting group of professionals. We are very sure of that we will use a lot of the results of the discussions in the ProGUIDE 2 project, which starts 1 December.

Here is a picture from the workshop where the ProGUIDE team showed the Sadie system and the dedicated script.

ProGUIDE Video

VideoA video describing the ProGUIDE project is available for download.

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