Sadie Script

Accessibility to the SADiE professional DAW with JAWS for Windows

The latest version of our JAWS script for SADiE5 is available and gives you access to all areas of the SADiE software for professional music editing, high end radio productions, archiving and CD mastering. The scripts use speech and a Braille display to give you instant feedback to the high-end editing tools that SADiE provides.
There is a very informative video of the SADiE system and ProGUIDE on YouTube.

Current users include Svefi Academy, Studio Crescendo and Radio France.

Scripts (beta) for the new native SADiE6 are available.

If you need more information or education in how to use this Script and the SADiE systems, please contact:

United Kingdom:
+44 1353 648888
[email protected]
+49 2304 946127
[email protected]
+46 922 68800
[email protected]

Main features

These are the main features of this script:

  • Editing of mono, stereo and multi-channel audio
  • Mixing and access to all mix parameters &ndash fader levels, pans, EQ, and peak metering
  • PQ editing for preparation of CD and DDP masters
  • Can be used with SADiE's hardware editing and fader panels and the LRX2

System requirements

Your system is required to meet the following specification in order to use this script:

  • Operating system: Windows XP Home / Pro
  • Screen reader: JAWS for Windows v8.0 or later
  • Screen resolution: 1280x1024 / 1024x768
  • Colour depth: 32 bit
  • Braille display: BRAILLEX EL 80s